Food and drink


As a child I was an extremely fussy eater and I would not touch most vegetables, especially anything green, which pretty much eliminates about 90% of this food group. There were many nights when I was left at the kitchen table with a full bowl of my father’s home made vegetable soup, which I must say I now find delicious, but at the time really tried to avoid at all costs.

But as most kids do, I grew out of most of my phobia against green foods and have become quite adventurous in what I am prepared to try. I think that travelling had a large influence on this and I remember clearly trying sushi for the first time with my best friend in Long Island, New York or trying a snail with a glass of proper champagne in Paris, France. I have continued to eat sushi when ever the budget allows as I love it, but that snail in France was my first and last. But I tried it, and that is the main thing…

I now love trying out new foods whenever I can in new countries and places. Some of the dishes are fairly adventurous (e.g. mopane worms in Zimbabwe), bt most are simply local specialities and fairly normal cuisine for the people of that place. So I thought it appropriate to have a page of this blog dedicated to the food and drink of the countries I am exploring, some background to the dishes and some photos (although not necessarily of the actual dish like in a recipe book, but rather of people or places I associate with the dish)…So happy reading – I hope you find the information interesting and your thoughts and comments and especially your own stories about foods tried are most welcome.



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