Cycling “El Cerro”

Days like last Sunday are the days when I adore living in Santiago. I have spoken many times about the incredible backdrop of the Andes Mountains that are visible from anywhere in the city. Now that winter is approaching and the rain has slowly begun returning after a very dry summer, the mountains come alive!

Last Saturday, for the first time in more than three years here, I experienced a thunderstorm in the city. Nothing like the storms that batter the highveld of Johannesburg after a scorching hot summer day, but a storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. I felt like I was back home for ten minutes and the energy of the storm was intense.


Watching the street outside our apartment briefly turn into a river

The great thing about rain in Santiago, is how it makes the city shine the next day with a new vigour and how the mountains, with their new snow, are so clear and seem just that little bit closer to the city.


The snow-capped Andes mountains

On Sunday, we took advantage of the clean, crisp autumn morning and went for a 25km bike ride around Parque Metropolitano and Cerro San Cristobal. This green lung in the centre of the city is very popular on a Sunday when a portion of the main access road is closed to cars and fill with walkers, joggers and cyclists. This Sunday, thanks to the rain the day before, the park was packed with people and the views of the mountains didn’t disappoint…


Looking over the suburb of Las Condes towards the Andes


The huge tower in the middle of this photo is now the tallest building in South America – an eye sore over the city 😦


The results of two months of hard work by Rodrigo and his team when they installed 170 solar street lamps in the park.


Enjoying the view from one of the look out points


Looking down on my neighbourhood – I live close to the righthand corner of the little hill in the photo (Santa Lucia Hill)

While I love living in the city, I do miss being surrounded by nature and greenery. But, for the moment, living so close to Cerro San Cristobal is enough and between Rodrigo and a friend of ours, Francisco, we are trying to get out and cycle up the hill at least 2 or 3 Sundays a month. And thankfully, each time, the muscles hurt a little less the next day!

All I can say is – Tour de France, watch out… 😉


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2 Responses to Cycling “El Cerro”

  1. Esme Solomons says:

    Thanks again – beautifully written, and beautiful photographs! All best wishes, Esme

  2. linda koch says:

    Darling Ingrid, How wonderful to read your blog again. The ride sounded exhausting but fun. Like Esme I thought the pics were amazing. Well done. Mum

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