Ladies in Pink

This morning I woke up with pretty much every muscle in my body aching. That is what I get for running 5km yesterday with no training at all. Although I may be doing alot of cycling these days, the last time I jogged any decent distance was the Valentine`s Night Race in South Africa in February 2010. And jogging and cycling are definitely two different forms of exercise.

So, if I am so unfit in the jogging department, you may be wondering why I decided to take part in the event in the first place. Well, since quitting my very stressful job at the end of August I have decided to make a conscious effort to live every moment to the fullest and get out there and do more “stuff”. I have had my ups and downs since quitting, mostly related to the uncertainty of what I want to do next and what job opportunities are out there. But after a particularly dark week, I decided that I need to enjoy this free time as much as possible because who knows how life will be once I am working full time again.

Another reason I wanted to do this race is that it was an event in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I know many amazing women who have fought and beaten breast cancer and others who unfortunately didn`t. This was for all of them!

The event was sponsored by Mcdonalds which in my mind is not exactly the best sponsor for a sports event, but anyway, a lot of the proceeds go to various charities and foundations. The event was also special because it was taking place simultaneously in 22 cities across 15 different countries in Latin America. The website said the aim was to get 60 000 women involved, but I am not sure what the total was in the end.

Belén (Rodrigo`s niece) and I before the race

Wonderful to see people with disabilities participating. There was one woman in a wheel chair and two blind ladies. It makes me think twice before complaining about my aches and pains this morning.

The start of our race. Thanks for the photos Rodrigo and for accompanying me to the event very early on a rather chilly Sunday morning!

While you can only see part of my head in this photo, I love that as I came around the last corner Rodrigo was standing on the pavement waiting to capture the last hundred metres on camera. Gracias amor!!!

Two tired, but happy ladies!

Since I had not jogged at all in such a long time and because I was uncertain of how my knee would hold up (post knee surgery from last year), I had planned on walking much of the route. However once I started, I just got into a rhythm and jogged the whole 5km. Although I know I overdid it and today I am paying the price with very sore muscles, I was super happy that my knee held up just fine. In fact, the right knee is the only part of my body not aching today!

36:31 is not a bad time I think and it has made me super motivated to take part in more events like this over the coming summer. Santiago seems to have loads of 5 & 10km events, so I think I had better start training properly for the next one in November.

Watch this space…

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2 Responses to Ladies in Pink

  1. klaus says:

    well doene my daughter. however you must be careful in future. you are not the youngest any more.

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