The Bright Red Backpack is back!

I can`t believe my last post was in May after our long weekend trip to Valdivia. My only excuse for ignoring my blog over the last few months is that I was pretty much ignoring every aspect of my personal life thanks to a working life that was all consuming. I can`t even begin to count the number of weekends I spent working in the last 6 months, how many nights I stayed up very late in front of the computer and in fact on how many nights I worked through the night without sleep.

Last month it all became too much for me and started affecting my health, not just my happiness. It was, as the cliche goes “the last straw” and I resigned. Yesterday was my last day in the consulting world and if I have any control of my future I hope that I will never again work in one of the Big 4 firms.

The last six months in KPMG has been a learning experiencing bigger than I ever thought possible. This kind of consulting environment was not new to me, considering my 2 years in Ernst & Young South Africa. So I didn`t think I was going into the unknown, but I was so wrong. I think there are many factors in why this job just was not for me, but a big part of it boils down to working in a different language and a very different culture. Many professional Chileans are basically workaholics and my team took the term to a whole new level. Looking at my boss one day, I thought “this is everything I don`t want for my life and my career” and so the only logical conclusion was to change things drastically and rapidly.

Resigning without having the feintest idea of what is next was rather daunting, yet I am sure things will work out fine. Life has a way of doing that…or at least I keep telling myself it does…

For now, my plan is to take a few weeks of well deserved downtime, enjoy the start of spring here in Chile, travel a bit (watch out for some exciting stories coming soon) and think long and hard about what I want next for my life. Some people have asked if leaving my job means I will be returning to South Africa. The answer, although I desperately miss friends and family, is no. Life is still a great and exciting challenge for me here in Chile and I have so much yet to explore and learn and understand about not only this country, but also this incredible continent.

So, here is a virtual toast to the bright red backpack and her return from the dead. I look forward to writing alot more stories in the near future, so please keep reading.

Pizza and champagne to celebrate a new start for me in Santiago!

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6 Responses to The Bright Red Backpack is back!

  1. Tricia. says:

    Go Girl and lots of luck wherever it may take you.Tricia.

  2. Mandla says:

    Go girl. I’ll be reading.

  3. linda koch says:

    It is so wonderful to see that the Bright Red Backpack is up and running again. Well done on having survived a gruesome few months. Love Mum.

    • ingridckoch says:

      Hi mom, thanks so much. I am super happy to be back thinking about stories to write and share. I am even thinking of giving the blog a bit of a facelift. That is, if I can figure out how it all works. Love you lots.

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