Coasting along in Chile

Many of my posts from Chile have centred around mountains – the awe inspiring and impressive Andes snaking down th entire eastern length of the country. But on the other side of the country,a mere couple of hundred kilometres away from those mountains is a 4000 km long coastline.This last weekend I explored a little more of Chile’s beautiful and varied coastline when I went to Maitencillo, a little coastal village about 2 hours north of Santiago. Juan Carlos, Rodrigo´s brother and his girlfriend Paula had rented a cute little cabaña(cabin) and Rodrigo and I joined them there on Saturday morning.

This was the first weekend I have had away since my trip to Cruzaco in March when I injured my knee. It felt really good to get away from the city for a few days and breathe some fresh sea air, relax, enjoy good seafood and even better company! Here are some of the photos I took which I think tell the story of the weekend well…

Pondering the Pacific

This man was doing yoga on the rocks with waves crashing around him - I{m not sure tranquil is the word to describe this scene, but it certainly felt peaceful

The vastness of the ocean always amazes me - to think that thousands and thousands of kilometres beyond the horizon is Australia...

Coastal wildlife

I had great fun trying to capture the perfect photo of the pelicans in Maitencillo and Zapallar. These birds are so common on the Chilean coast that nobody pays much attention to them, but for me they were more of a novelty since we don´t have them much in SA

Seagulls are fairly common on most coastlines, so I tried to get the perfect picture of one flying...nearly impossible, but I think this photo came out OK.

Fishy flavours

Rodrigo, Paula and Juan Carlos preparing their fish parcels for the braai - we used reineta (a local fish) with all sorts of vegetables, lemon juice, white wine and spices to make the most delicious fish dinner I have had in a very long time. The best part was that everyones fish tasted totally different depending on the flavours and proportions we used.

A fisherman in the market in Maitencillo preparing mariscos for us! You couldn´t get fresher fish if you tried - everything was caught or collected that day!

Great company

The weekend was special due to the wonderful company - spending time with Rodrigo, Paula and Juan Carlos was very special for me!

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One Response to Coasting along in Chile

  1. linda koch says:

    this weekend sounded so wonderful my darling, from the company to the food, all was good for the soul. I am off to Sondela for the weekend with “les girls” so will let you know all about it on Monday when I get back. We need to arrange a time for a nice long chat next week.
    Be well, love you, take care and chat soon.

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