The universe really has a way of throwing curveballs at us…

Last week I was presented with an opportunity to do some freelance work with Ernst & Young (my old company from SA) here in Chile. Now I left EY in March this year as I wanted to explore other opportunities and directions and see where my life took me… and it seems like it could have taken me full circle within only 6 months. Up until last week my plan was to leave Santiago at the end of October and visit the south of Chile before heading north to volunteer in the Atacama Desert (teaching english to the local community who desperately need the language to be involved in tourism). From there I was going to head to Peru for a few weeks and then Brazil for Christmas and afterwards…well no real plans for the start of 2011 yet. Now I have this opportunity to gain some international, career related, work experience with the added bonus of earning alot more money than teaching can provide. What to do, what to do?

My mind has been a jumble of thoughts on this topic for the last few days and I have even made a list of pros and cons to try and figure out what to do. I have asked close friends and family what they think too. They have all given me food for thought, but the responses have been as mixed up as my own thoughts. When considering this option I think the first thing I have to do is go back to why I left EY and South Africa in the first place – to see what other avenues in life I would like to walk down.

2010 is my “Me Year” to explore myself and figure out what I want from life. Many travelers I have met in South America have all left the hustle, bustle and stress of careers behind or have just finished studying and have no clue what they want to do with their lives. So, like me, they head off for new places to explore hoping that inspiration is going to hit them at some point. Well, the lightning bolt from above has not yet struck me and I am still no closer to understanding my path in life, but I am getting to know myself more and more and have grown incredibly through every experience this year. And now, maybe, this opportunity to go back to something somewhat familiar, but also learn about an interesting field in a whole new setting and language, is the next step on my path of self discovery. I would never have imagined working with EY in Chile, but then again I would never have imagined traveling through the barren Patagonian desert in an old car and having it nearly fall apart on us. Most things that happen in life we can not imagine and that is half the excitement…

I also promised myself when I left SA in March that I would take every opportunity that presented itself to me. This is just the next opportunity I am faced with and if I am to go with my promise than I should say yes! I am meeting with the partner and director in EY this afternoon and I will take it from there…

So keep reading in the next few days to see if I decide to stay longer in Santiago or hit the road as originally planned!

Thoughts and comments most welcome!

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